Unsafe Cabs in WA

WA Today reported that in Perth alone, 11 taxi drivers were convicted of sexual assaults in 2011. By August 2012, there were already 10 Perth drivers whose licenses had been cancelled after allegations of sexual assault.


Kym Daffen, a psychologist from Midland Women’s Health Care Place said many of her female friends no longer used taxis as a form of transport because of the reports of sexual assaults.

She recommended women not get into a taxi if they had been drinking alcohol.

“If it is happening so often, it seems the drivers are being opportunistic and if you are intoxicated, that’s really dangerous,” Ms Daffen said.

She said women should have a plan when they were having a night out that might involve catching a taxi.

Ms Daffen advised taking a photo of a taxi driver’s identification card and sending it through to a friend or phoning someone when getting into a taxi to let them know how far you are away.

“Stick to that plan and watch out for your girlfriends. If you do hop into a taxi after drinking, make sure you have a friend with you,” she said.”



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