Unsafe Cabs in LA


This story from the LA Times reports a taxi driver suspended over sexually assaulting a passenger. It’s pertinent to note how Manhattan Beach detective Michael Rosebberger explains the driver’s predatory techniques: he would open the front door of his cab for women so they would sit in the front seat and he could more easily assault them. Here in Australia, it’s common for passengers to take the front seat but regardless of where you’re sitting, a cab becomes unsafe because of the driver’s conduct. The article also addresses some of the benefits of making formal complaints.

“The victim did not initially report the crime until she saw a news report of a similar offense occurring in Redondo Beach,” Rosenberger said.

News of Shenouda’s arrest prompted other women to come forward with information.

Rosenberger said Shenouda would offer rides to women who were walking in the evening. He would open the front passenger door so they would sit up front with him, making it easier to assault them, he said.”





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