Unsafe Cabs in Clayton

Sarah, 19, booked a taxi through 13CABS. The cab picked her up at midnight from Clayton, for a 6km trip to a friend’s party in Huntingdale, but stopped a few streets short of the destination.

Sarah said the driver repeatedly propositioned her and “refused to take no for an answer”.

She eventually got out of the cab and complained the following day to 13CABS who, she said, ignored her complaint.

Sarah told her story to 3AW on Monday, after which 13CABS took action.




2 thoughts on “Unsafe Cabs in Clayton

  1. These attacks on women are abhorrent and are in no way defensible. In a period of three years there have been twenty five reports of sexual misconduct and a unknown number go unreported which is unacceptable. Three million trips a year which is nine million in a three year period in Victoria alone are performed without incident. There must be some hardworking cabbies out there doing the right thing. Forty reported serious assaults on Queensland drivers alone and very few assailants are found as taxi drivers are second class citizens and don’t deserve to go to work and get home safe. Four taxi drivers have lost their lives just doing their jobs this year alone but the media don’t report on these. Yes these perpetrators need to be found and punished but do not punish all cab drivers for a few as cab drivers do not paint all passengers with the brush of them being assailants, fare evaders.

  2. Take precautions and don’t set yourselves up to be vulnerable. I think it’s important to point out that traveling home alone is not the best idea if you can help it. Don’t party unless you are with someone. The world will always have criminals and new criminals so don’t think the world is safe.

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